ESMO examination trial questions

Welcome to the test !

Dear Colleagues,
in this section of the ESMO website you will find sample questions that have been used in the two last editions of the ESMO Academy. If you study these questions, you will become familiar with the type of questions typically utilised in the ESMO examination. The ESMO Examination Working Group prepares new questions every year. The subjects cover all areas of clinical oncology. Oncologists practising evidence-based medicine should easily pass this examination.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the ESMO Examination.

Prof. Viviane Hess
Chair, ESMO Examination and Accreditation Working Group

The online examination self assessment test consists of 92 questions with a selection of Type A and K Prime questions with a total score of 92 points. Please see the scoring system below:

  • Type A:
    • 1 correct answer = 1 point
  • Type K:
    • 4 correct answers = 1 point
    • 3 correct answers = 0.5 point

The online test is a revision tool, results from this test have no official recognition.